Wheels to Prosper

Webster Tire And Auto Service is a happy participant in the nationwide Wheels to Prosper program. This program awards a late model car that has been fully inspected and repaired, to a worthy and deserving individual, helping them to get back on their feet again.

We Need Your Help

Webster Tire & Auto Service, Probst Auto Body and CW Motorsports are giving away THREE cars this year, but we need YOUR help! Watch Judy's story to learn just how important your nominations are. Know someone who gives back despite their struggles and could really use reliable transportation? Tell us their story.

If you know of such an individual, please email us here.

In a fast paced age
Where everything is on the go,
There’s a program which helps others;
It’s something good to know.

Across the nation
On one designated day,
Givers come together
To give something away.

First, some are givers
Of the selfless kind.
They spend their lives
Giving to others they find.

They give and give,
But they can’t go far,
Because they do their giving
Without a dependable car.

Then, there are givers
Who remain un – named.
They give nominations
And lives will never be the same.

By their very words,
They give a gift of love:
Beautiful on earth,
Celebrated in Heaven above.

There are givers
On the encouragement squad.
They come to support.
They are gifts from God!

Also, there are givers
Who give time and space.
They provide shelter and food,
To help this day take place.

Finally, there are givers
Who give cars away.
Lives will be changed
Due to their gift today.

Not a small undertaking
This day of givers,
But “Wheels to Prosper”
Will change lives forever!

So, if you’re nominated
A winner you already are.
You’ve been shown selfless love,
And you might win a car.

If you’re a giver
Thank you from the start
In a fast paced age
What a blessing to see givers of the heart.

Wheels to Prosper
And givers one and all,
May God’s richest blessings
On you forever fall.

— Patty Winns
Written for Wheels to Prosper

2016 Giveaway

2016 was our biggest year yet. With about 300 people attending this year, it was also our biggest crowd. Our event includes vehicle given away by Mark Probst and Probst Auto Body, Cody Willenborg of CW Motorsports and of course, Phil Webster, and Webster Tire and Auto.

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This year however, an anonymous donor came through with a fourth vehicle two days before the giveaway!! That's right! Effingham County Illinois gave away 4 cars this year!! The guys chose to save that surprise for the very end and there was not a dry eye in the house as Cody gave the fourth vehicle to Tyrone Harvey from the Men's Wellness Shelter of Effingham.

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We are super proud of our Wheels to Prosper Event here in Effingham. We had two additional business approach us with offers to help this year and in the years to come. It just continues to grow.

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